Here at Home & Industrial Heating Services we build long lasting partnerships with all our clients because we offer quality service at a good price.

  • Office Cooling & Heating

    Your climate is our priority. You and your employees can work in comfort with our cooling & heating solutions.
  • Ventilation

    Ventilation is the essential process of replacing stale air with fresh air. Without proper ventilation, buildings become susceptible to stagnant air, where bacteria and carbon make the indoor air more polluted than the air outside.
  • Heating Systems

    We provide energy efficient heating systems that delivers the increased comfort you desire, matched with the convenience of low running costs.
  • Air Conditioning

    Cooling & heating air conditioning systems can also save you money off your energy bills in the winter when used for heating. When it comes to commercial settings we can provide the widest choice of options.
  • Commercial Gas

    Our commercial gas installations include a broad range of both floor standing and wall-hung boilers, as well as high level heaters, heat pumps, plate heat exchangers, cylinders and controls
  • Mechanical & HVAC Design

    We provide HVAC design services for all stages of the design process, from concept, schematic, design development, tender to construction stages and as installed drawings