Commercial and Industrial Heating Systems

When you need a cost-effective heating system that is designed to last, we’re here to work with you while providing a service that goes beyond  your expectations!

Home & industrial specialises in warm air heating, radiant heating, heat pumps and biofuel heating – designed for every commercial, industrial and domestic heating application. Whether it’s a commercial heating installation, a commercial heating system upgrade or commercial heating servicing, our engineers can adapt to any environment or building configuration.

We Believe in Eco-Friendly & Green Commercial and Domestic Initiatives

We are renowned for our expertise when configuring, installing and supplying industrial and domestic heaters for the whole of the UK. In addition to the installation and servicing of free standing heating units, suspended heating units and warm air heating units – our expertise extends to commercial heating servicing.

We emphasise that our installation and servicing teams focus on providing minimum disruption for our clients while they work.

Emergencies are given high priority and our call-out rates are exceptionally competitive.

We are closely associated with all our partner manufacturers; Reznor UK, Ambi-Rad, Powrmatic, Benson Heating. Home & Industrial are committed to reducing carbon and energy bills.

Radiant heating systems provide exceptional levels of comfort for personnel in manufacturing premises.

Radiant tube heating systems from Ambi-Rad are one of the most economical and effective heating solutions in manufacturing environments, providing a powerful heat source for applications from factories to warehouses – in fact, wherever large-scale space heating is required.

Fuelled by natural gas or LPG, Ambi-Rad radiant heaters maintain constant internal comfort temperatures while saving between 35% and 60% on annual heating energy costs, especially in installations where radiant heating replaces an old high temperature hot water and boiler system. Even in new buildings, high energy efficient radiant heating can offer at least 30% savings over other types of heating systems.

The cost of heating is one of the biggest operational overheads for most manufacturing operations. High energy consumption rates are compounded where buildings have poor insulation, or where loading bay or roller shutter doors are constantly opening and closing.

Domestic Boiler Maintenance

Choosing domestic heating for a home can be a pretty involved process, if you’re not familiar with the options that are available. This is why it’s considered a good idea to first consult with an expert before making any decisions. At Home & Industrial, our installation and servicing teams are considered the best in the industry when it comes to installing and maintaining reliable and cost effective domestic heating systems. This is a huge consideration when you take into account that your home heating bill could very well be the largest home expense that you will pay each year. 

A boiler installation that is less than optimal can result in unnecessarily large heating bills for you and your family. In addition, inferior quality parts and less than optimal installation can result in repairs that needlessly add to the cost of maintaining your home with unexpected domestic boiler servicing calls. There are a number of different types of domestic heating boilers and domestic heating systems that we can provide, depending on what type will work best in your home.